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Not that we like to blow our own trumpet ...
but our computer systems are awfully good !!

Contact Details
LW Computers, 2 Wesley Road, Saltash, Cornwall. PL12 6AS Tel: (01752) 844319
Please EMail lwcmail@lwcomputers.co.uk for enquiries / support.

An example of a typical 'General Purpose' LWC PC System:
AMD FM2+ A6 Midi Tower Computer System with 4x USB2, 2x USB3 and Gigabyte LAN Ports; 22" VGA/DVI HD Monitor;  4Gb DDR3 1866 Memory (8Gb memory add £30.00);  1 TG SSHD Drive;  Optical DVD-Rw Media Drive;  Internal USB Card Reader;  Wireless Keyboard and Mouse;  Stereo Speakers (USB);  Webcam with microphone (USB). Customer choice of Windows 7, 8 or 10 Operating Software and essential Drivers/Utilities and Applications pre-installed.
ONLY £395.00 Inc.
Upgrading older computer systems can be a cheaper solution for many individuals or businesses rather than replacing their PC's with new units. LWC computing upgrade packages start from as little as £30.00 although obviously the price of any computer system upgrade depends not only on the hardware component(s) being used for the PC upgrade but just as important, the component compatibility of the older computer systems being upgraded.